Who is Oraia?

What The World Says:

As both a writer and public speaker, Oraia has fused her gifting into a powerful creative tool through the art of “Spoken Word”. This unique anointing has given Oraia a distinct voice not only within the body of Christ but far beyond. Her message has torn down walls of cultural and racial division and is gripping the hearts of young men and women from every walk of life. Oraia has been honored to minister at an extensive collection of diverse churches and venues including The Potter’s House & Teen Mania’s “Battlecry”.

She and her husband reside in Adelaide, Australia where they Pastor the City Campus of Influencers Church, under the leadership of Pastors Ashley and Jane Evans.

What Oraia Says:

I confess I am simply complicated…know me forever and probably still won’t fully understand me. I am extreme…I do things all the way or not at all. I have little tolerance for people who don’t know what they want from me. I live for purpose and find my reward in the smile of God.  I am eccentric in every way and passionate to say the least. The things that are closest to my heart are faith,  family & a firm belief in the idea of solidarity & social justice. You’ve never seen the realest me till you’ve seen me with my sister who is my heart.  I spend a small amount of time in front of vast crowds and the majority of my time alone. I tend to keep folks at a distance and most of the times that I’ve made an exception I’ve ended up regretting it. I write and speak about things I wish I could live out more consistently. My life has been marked by overwhelming failure and regret. There are some days when the only thing that keeps me from giving up is the thought of who I’d be letting down. I am married to a man I thought didn’t exist. A man I don’t deserve who has become my healing and my joy.  I measure success much differntly than most but then again, just about everything I do, I do differently…write, think, live, love…everything. I want to live authentically and if that makes me a misfit, I’m cool with it.  I’d rather listen than speak. I’m far more fascinating on stage or online than I am in person. I simply love Jesus and I’m in love the way He loves me. I don’t deserve the platform He’s given me but my feet are planted here so I shall not be moved. The road is narrow but I’m learning to walk it without fear.  I’d rather be faithful at the risk of not being successful than to be successful at the risk of not being faithful. I’ve decided to live my whole life for two words…”well done”. His hands have held me and led me through unspeakable times…I’d be crazy to let go now.

All booking inquiries should be submitted at  oraiapublishing@gmail.com



21 Responses to “Who is Oraia?”

  1. I happen to think you’re very fascinating O! It’s your humanity off stage and offline that’s more intriguing.

    It’s real-not mere flattery sis…

    Much big love!

  2. I love you.x

  3. girl you are so anointed in what you do. keep on keeping onnnnnnnnnnnnn. u are a true inspiration. do u go to Christ tabernacle?

  4. I do go to Christ Tabernacle. That’s my family

  5. hey oraia.. love the blog .. thanks for sharing your heart .. funny i was reading your most recent post and its so moving because i just bought the book “power of Living” by bishop jakes .. the first chapter talks about the end being made first // wow what a concept .. but now iam starting to get it .. again thanks for sharing yourself and our love for christ … many blessings to you ~kelly (kelsoulforreal) Each1Reach1!

  6. Hey Kelly, glad to see you here. You’re always an encouragement to me. I haven’t read “Power of Living”…I’ll have to check it out. Blessings…

  7. When I read this, I realized that what I was reading is your heart and soul.

    And it’s amazing…just even this small portion of you that you wrote about. Thank you for sharing it. It’s an inspiration to others.

  8. This is amazing. Detailed yet concise- I am honored to have read it. Such a strong individual, I just pray for more people that you are able to let in and not regret doing so. Beautifully said and well thought out. Lots of Love

  9. I love your heart for Him…I’ve often wondered how I could love Him and He love me but be as complicated,even to myself, as I am…its a blessing to know I have company…blessings always

  10. heyy oraia, well my names irene & i recently saw a few vedios of your spoken word, & one that reallly hit home was one called Scars. you have an amazing talent & its great what God is doing with you, well i wanted to know if there was any way to get in contact with you, like facebook or email? cause i would love it if you could come to my church one day & share something with us, God Bless 🙂

  11. Oraia… I’m having a difficult time right now… and I feel like you’re the one to talk to… I’m a pastor’s child… and I made some BIG mistakes… and the church… is falling apart because of me… and I dont know what to do. Thank you for your post “I am a Tree”… its… so true…

  12. Oria how can my church book you for an event?



  15. Hey Oraia,am Lisa,watchd u o CTV.Ur amazin,kp on da gud work of our God.Ur ma role model.

  16. luv ur spoken words. i want 2 b ur frnd. my mail is benjaminaboh@yahoo.com

  17. Im Belinda from ZIMBABWE,love wat you are doing and i like the way u accept your individuality and im also so different,love poetry ,speaking,music and dance. I feel the strength to find wat my purpose is.

  18. Can COMPLETELY relate to this. Often I feel like a “Misfit” among other christians. I am a dancer and your work really inspires me. Did a dance to one of your poems. I think about how the Holy Spirit has given you words that are so creative, powerful, organic…..and you are the vessel for all of this. You inspire me as a performer!

  19. She is the real thing. Her speaking doesn’t just touch me but it seems to usher me right into His presence and prods me to give 100% for Gods plans in my life

  20. Hi Oraia,
    I just left the 8:00 service at Seeds of Greatness and had to search for your blog/facebook, whatever…to tell you what an awesome service and teaching that you brought to me this morning…”When all 3 of me agree”. Your teaching style and message truly spoke to me. To God be the glory. God Bless You.

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